Sunday, August 16, 2009

(Try) Do The Best And GOD (Will) Do The Rest

Many people today become so pessimist about life and future because of the global economic crises. This condition make many people lost their job since their company going collapse, many of them lost their home and life in uncertainty future. This unstable economic condition make people afraid to do everything especially to run a business, because they afraid to lose a much of money. They will thinking two times before as insurance to reduce the losses that may arise and to create a secure feeling. 

According to David Richo's book the first and most important thing in life is you have to believe that everything changes and ends. . So I believe this condition will become recovery sooner.....or later. 

My lovely friend Maya Soeharto yesterday wrote in her Facebook wall about message ''Do The Best and GOD (Will) Do The Rest". I think we just need to be always optimist and do the best, it is the principal of life (or work). Do the best is the point to make our life, work and business more positive and grow. Everything will be fine and will going more better if you work with your best, with a high responsibility, high confidence and high performance. Yeah, you always try your hardest and do everything to your full potential, but don't freak over what you can't do. Know in your self that you have contributed all of you possibly could have. Nothing bad can come of that. So, do the best for your life, your family, your business and God will do the rest for all of you.

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Maya Soeharto said...

My dear Wita,

What an interesting and useful article! You can learn how to read, write, or do math in school but can you teach how to live in classroom? We and our next generations learn how to live a life thru our own experience and the wisdom of older generations.
So if we want to achieve a better future for our grandchildren, let's share our knowledge and ideas to others as much as we could, do our best in our capacity even only a small step, and have a strong faith in heart that God will do the rest. With Allah, nothing is impossible. Love, Maya.